Schlegel Fine Foods

Our Products

Turkey is a delicious and healthy meat, but there’s a limited supply of high-quality Canadian turkey products on the market. We can provide you with unique, premium offerings at a competitive price.

Turkey Cuts

You can take pride in selling our air-chilled, grain-fed turkey cuts to your customers. The air-chill process results in healthier meat (less bacteria) that cooks better because it doesn’t shrink and isn’t rubbery. Air-chilled turkey tastes better too – it absorbs more of any marinades and seasonings, and the skin becomes crispier.

Whole Birds

Whether it’s the festive season or year-round, we offer premium air-chilled, grain-fed whole turkeys to enjoy with friends and family.

Organic Turkey

Our organic Canadian-raised turkeys are fed high-quality food and given a high-quality life. It’s why our products taste great and are good for you.